There are countless national aggregate sites anyone can search without registering with (read my article on understanding real estate syndicate sites), why should we require it? I think the right answer hinges upon the type of business an agent is or has developed. We have been building a referral based real estate business for many years. Referrals are where our business comes from. We find that, for us, referral based business is much more stable. We end up working with people who are much more like minded - we prefer this. Our site is really designed as a service to our past and current clients as well as our close sphere. Again, there is no real right or wrong here, just differing viewpoints.

The main thing to know is that you can search all DFW listings on this site without registering, it's a tool for you to use whether you are actively searching for a home or just snooping. When it's time to "make a move", we are here with our experience and expertise to help serve you.

If you really want to pinpoint market activity use the Powerpage. Probably the best tool there is when it comes to finding new homes on the market and price changes.

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